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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to survive in peru

Here are ten tips that I have collected from my lived experience about how to survive in Peru:

  1. Have toilet paper on your person at ALL times
  2. Rid yourself of personal space issues while using public transportation
  3. Refuse as much food as you can politely (because you are served so much!)
  4. Look around you in EVERY direction before crossing the street (even on one way streets)
  5. Use earplugs for sleeping
  6. Use earplugs for studying
  7. Talk with Peruvians whenever possible
  8. Do a celebratory dance when you see the sun (in Lima)
  9. Bring warm clothing, lots of it
  10. Comfortable walking shoes are a must
Those are all the tips that I can think of at the present moment. I´m enjoying my time in Peru very much so far. I am learning and experiencing much. Lima is a bustling, diverse, huge city that is experiencing much development and is full of beautiful people.

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