Journeys & Writings of Paul

Monday, March 26, 2012


The only thing better than getting mail at college is, well, nothing.

There is in fact nothing better than receiving a letter while away studying at college. And receiving a letter from a friend who is a living a great distance away has a heart-warming affect that is more easily felt than described.

Yay, mail! I received a letter from Marty who is currently at grad school in Belgium.
This single piece of mail made my entire week!

I look forward to having nieces and nephews, children, grandchildren, and having them be able to recognize my handwriting. I recognize the handwriting of my family and friends and can't image life without written communication. I have always loved writing letters since I first learned how to write and is something that I still practice weekly with great delight. Technology can never take that away from me!

Write someone you love a letter this week! If it's me, I'll surely write you back! :)